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Today Documentation Is Very Essential And Critical. Materials Are As Good As Lost If They Are Not Properly Documented Whether In Industry, Offices, Museum Archives Or Even In Private Collections. The Advent Of Modern Technology Such As Digital Cameras, Computers, Hi-Speed Quality Scanners Etc. Has Revolutionized The Whole Process Of Documentation. We, Vision Grafixx Stand In An Advantageous Position Because Today We Have The Ability To Capture Data For Posterity Thru Some Of The Latest State-Of-The-Art Equipment

Scanning & Digitization Of Paper Archives Assumes More Priority Taking Into Context The Various Advantages Of Digital Technology. The Many Problems – Time Consuming, Costly, Limited Reach, Safety, Etc. Can Be Successfully Dealt With Once The Archive Is Digitized. The Main Aim Of A Vision Grafixx Is To Help Cut Down On Your Internal Costs (Capital Outlay, Staffing And Time Restraints) Providing Quality Solutions When It Comes To Quantity. When It Comes To Large Quantities Of Work E.G. File Backlogs And Also Ongoing Conversions, Vision Grafixx Is Extremely Cost Effective, Quicker And More Efficient As An Alternative To Completing The Job In-House.

We Do Not Have An "Out-Of-The-Box" Approach To Conversions. Our Experience Substantiates The Commonsense Premise That Every Client's Needs Are Somewhat Different, Even Within The Same Industry, Government Agency And Application Area. As A Result, Every Vision Grafixx Project Is Customized And Tailored To Specific Client Requirements.

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