Software Development

Electronic Drawing / Document management software is a specialized area that requires extensive understanding of the drawing office. Managing Drawings / Documents and their reference files can quickly become a full time job not to mention an administration nightmare.

Questions arise like - Is this the latest version? Has it been modified since going through Quality Checking? Did the client receive the correct version? Did they approve it?

Our Document Management solution - EDOCS is the Best In Class because it is built on leading industry technologies and proven scanning and imaging methodologies. Our goal is to construct a customized and tailored project approach to meet the demands of your organizations' document scanning needs.
Our expert team serves as Outsourcing Partners and Solution Providers to companies that have critical document scanning and imaging projects. The key to a successful project is starting with the end deliverable in mind, then employing proven technology solutions and conversion methods (of which scanning can be just one step in the entire process). Successful document management requires a clear understanding of an organization's Document Strategy, its People, Process, and Technology Requirements, and the optimal Implementation Approach.

We work with your organization to conduct a Document Management Project Plan that identifies the answers to the following questions:

When will your organization begin the project?
Has a Business Case been conducted for this project?
Has a Document Strategy been defined for the organization?
Has a Project Sponsor, Change Agent and Project Team been identified?
What document intensive process will be the focus of the project?

What is the volume of pages to convert digitally? (We will estimate this based on the number of file cabinet drawers and the number of boxes to be digitally converted, and by sampling the contents of the files.)

Our Customized DMS – “EDOCS” is the solution to Drawing / Document management that you have been looking for!