Wide Format Scanning

We use state-of-the-art wide format scanning equipment to convert all types of oversize sheets. Typical applications include:

Engineering drawings

Our professionals are specialists at working with oversize wide format files. Fragile items are placed within protective plastic carriers.

As with all of our services, we specialize in performing conversions onsite at client facilities. We bring in all required computers, scanners, servers, line modulation equipment, etc. Our technicians perform all required procedures, from document preparation to recording of data on appropriate media.

Large collections of data are catalogued and indexed for instant access to the appropriate documents, whether on CD, DVD or maintained on high-capacity network disk drives. This work can be done onsite or Offsite Physical documents never leave our possession. Output can be generated in any format requested such as TIFF, PDF, JPEG or other image structure. Individual files can contain single images or multiple pages that are related. Retrieval and index information could be as straightforward as just naming the file with the identifier or we can apply several values such as number, revision, date, subject, etc. in an external file. Typically these are Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. If you feel that Vision Grafixx’s conversion services might meet your company's requirements, we will be glad to demonstrate our capabilities by converting a few documents as a sample. We will promptly return the samples in an e-mail attachment.