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We are fully confident about are capabilities and therefore request you to benchmark all service vendors on every aspect –

Onsite option availability
Value added services
Customized DMS Solutions
No dependence on claims or hearsay
Obligation free trial samples

Professional & Experienced Conversion Team

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ONSITE / OFFSITE SERVICES ON-SITE Services. Full confidentiality assured. Everything done IN-house inside your premises. No internal Drgs. going outside. No loss of Drgs. No tedious paperwork during job execution. OFF-site services for very small volumes. On-Site Services
FILE FORMAT PDF for full security control of drawings including copy / print control or any of the 150 diff. File format. Normally CALS4 or TiffG4 which are 1 bit data formats, hence there is always some loss of data.
QUALITY & FILE TYPE 8 Bit full 256 levels grayscale. No loss of data even if objects are unevenly faded. 21 BIT ONLY. Very Light or faded objects will either turn to either black or white causing loss of data.
SPEED OF EXECUTION A0 – 4000-5000 Drgs. / Day with editing. A4 50000-75000 per day. Can still be increased upon user needs. A0 - 70/100 Drgs / Day with editing. Does not make sense for very large volumes.
EXPERIENCE Many very large volume projects executed successfully with certifications of satisfaction. Very Important to have 1st Hand Knowledge To get quality outpur
STAFF We take care of all conversion issues. No need for you to keep permanent or skilled staff. A case of reinventing the wheel with long term staffing expenses.
EQUIPMENT We have made proprietary modifications in the scanner hardware for excellent data capture results. Work with Off-the-shelf products with many limitation